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Ellen Toomey has over thirty years of experience creating communications with a focus on the environment, education, health, arts, election campaigns, and community. Her expertise includes visual design, project planning, concept development, research, writing, production coordination, and oversight. Ellen is fluent in working directly with end clients or as part of a team whether as project lead, in a support role, or advisory.

She creates communications that are accessible, appealing, and clear — in a flavor that enhances the subject and in media that reaches the audience. Utilizing subliminality, distillation, and alchemy, your message is skillfully delivered.

Born into a big world and a big family, her interests span multiple realms and regions. She was radicalized at a young age by the first Earth Day, a great yoga class, and some very progressive nuns. College started with a year each in Missoula, Montana and Salzburg, Austria, concluding with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.