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City Reports

Albany Fire Department Report to the Community

Firefighters bring myriad skills and specialized training to the job, in addition to those used for fighting fires. The Albany Fire Department wants the community to know about the full range of their work — from advanced emergency medical services and specialized equipment (70% of calls received are for medical emergencies), to safety classes for citizens, to mutual aid programs with area cities and beyond, to effective prevention programs, to active participation in community events, to their proud history, their open water rescue team, and more.

City of Berkeley Health Status Report

Every five years the City of Berkeley’s Department of Public Health publishes a detailed “snapshot” of residents’ health, across neighborhoods and measured by numerous markers. By comparing data with others’ and with goals, patterns and effective practices can be identified. With Health Department staff, we created a full 140 page version, as well as a 28-page summary. Each themed chapter was given an identifying color — for clarity, economy & efficiency; lightly adapting city-supplied graphs, charts and maps.